Start Your Trip Around the Sun With a Bang

The team at SweetVIPS have always enjoyed going up and above, especially if we know it's your birthday. Over the years, many of our clients have spent their special day with us, and we fully enjoyed spoiling them rotten. Recently we started thinking, what can we do that is different, but better because?

Introducing SweetVIPS Birthday Bucks, here is how it works...

* Let us know when you are booking that you are visiting on your birthday
* The ladies will always do a little something special for you (outfits, treats etc.)
* Also, you will now receive a $100 Birthday Buck coupon (valid for 3 months after)

* This promo is available for clients who visit on their birthday (proof required)
* Birthday Bucks are valid for 90 days from the date of your birthday session
* Birthday Bucks can be used for any type or length of session (no restrictions)

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As I am sure you can imagine, there are many different ways you can spend your birthday at SweetVIPS. You may even be inspired by this review about a unique session we did earlier this year. Not only was this a birthday wish, but a bucket list fantasy come true. I know we nailed it, and he will have have a silly grin on his face for many birthdays to come...

"I noticed that SVIP had a 15 min rate and thought, what a great way to have a reverse gangbang... Ms Harvi was very kind as we worked out the details over a few days and boom, all 5 girls were booked. The idea was that I would get ready in the room and a new girl would enter every 5 min, leave after 15. First in was Rylee who started things off nicely, superb skills including amazing deepthroat. Then in came Cassidy, so now 2 on one. Cassidy did some very nice dirty talk through out. Then Carli was in too, excellent covering of my balls and teasing me close. All took turns, joined together etc. First beep and Rylee left as Chase came in. I will say all the girls were amazing in their handling but special mention here to Chase's skills. Then it was Cassidy turn to tag out as Fenix entered the room. Another beep and Carli tapped out leaving just Chase and Fenix. Poor Fenix, I lasted about 2 min more after that so we barely got to know each other. I had gone with the extra CIMSW for Chase and Fenix and Chase handled it well. Left with a huge smile on my face". (FULL REVIEW )

Whatever your fantasy, or ultimate bucket list item, we want to hear about it, and then make it a reality. Have friend's that are hard to shop for? Pick up one of our C-NOTE gift certificates, and win the title of Best Fucking Friend ever. Don't forget birthdays are a perfect gift for couples who like to experiment, or have always dreamed of doing so.

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