~ Victoria Independent Providers ~


V.I.P Mission Statement...

Victoria Independent Providers (sweetVIPS.com) is an innovative escort referral agency, promoting independent providers, touring and local escorts. It is our desire to empower the girls of the industry on all fronts - from what they want to charge, to when and how they want to work. Fairness, Respect, Support, & Freedom are the main aspects of our mission statement. V.I.P. strives to provide a working experience that's drug free, drama free, safe and fun for all types of escorts. At the same time, it is our goal to introduce clients to excellent service providers, who enjoy the work and truly thrive from being part of this industry.

V.I.P Media Presence...

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How we work for the girls... 


  • Lowest House Rates in Town (approximately 20% vs 40%)
  • Make More Money per Call (set your own rates)
  • Flexible Shifts / Schedules
  • Orientation / Tips / Tricks of the Trade
  • Great Staff / Drivers / Phones 24/7
  • Support to go Fully Independent
  • Skilled Management / Marketing Managers
  • Enthusiastic Promotion (of your looks/service)
  • Open, Honest Staff Meetings/ Have your voice heard
  • Detailed Client Black List / Booking Policies
  • Higher Profile / Respect (through reputations of co-workers)
  • Group / Community – Support / Counselling
  • Opportunities / Networking - (leads from other girls)
  • Group Medical / Dental / Accounting / Financial Planning
  • Opportunities for Personal Growth – (develop other skills)
  • Paid Job Offers - (marketing/website/accounting etc.)
  • Policies for STDs
  • Profit Shares – (own shares in our company)
  • Travel Opportunities (Calgary / Vancouver)


  • All the above, plus: 
  • Additional Promotion
  • Introduction to New Clients (sent to your location)
  • Reduced Phone Work

Every girl that comes to work with us will be invited to work one shift in her first week completely fee free! That means we don't take a dime in house fees, book-ons or advertising fees, and fines are a nonexistent concept in our business plan. We have provided a no-risk opportunity for girls to come try V.I.P. and see what we are all about as a workplace.

How we aim to please the clients...
Bottom line : If you like your job, you will do better at it. If you have control of your body and what you wish to do with it, you become more open to trying new things. (some agencies in town take half of the girl's tips associated with xxx-tra services like fetish, roleplay & greek - making girls not want to provide these services at the agency.) If you have respect for yourself and your co-workers, it provides an atmosphere of sharing, caring and true community. One of the advantages of working together is that the top ladies in town will be sharing their coveted sex tips and secrets of what happens behind closed doors! Just think what the sessions will be like when you get a cross between experienced girls like Demi, Audrey & Kayli and brand new providers like Willa and Christina, who are learning the biz from the best teachers in town. Every girl that works with V.I.P. will go through orientation to ensure that she has what it takes to be an excellent service provider. As a professional group of girls working together, we will be able to provide some of the best service in town.

My promise to the clients... 
As a phone lady in Victoria and Vancouver for a number of years, I have learned a few key things - including to listen to you and ask questions to make sure we get things right. I will always take the time to have a conversation with a client - and not just try to match you up with whoever is available - I want you to be excited about the girl you have picked to visit with - just as much as we are excited to have you come support our dream. So watch out, Victoria, we are ready to play! We will be offering some amazing girls and promotions to keep you boys cumming again and again.

Cheers - Ms.Harvi Wallbanger

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(250) 590 -VIPS